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 quelques fuites 1.7 ou troll , je ne sais pas encore

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Date d'inscription : 11/10/2012

quelques fuites 1.7 ou troll , je ne sais pas encore  Empty
MessageSujet: quelques fuites 1.7 ou troll , je ne sais pas encore    quelques fuites 1.7 ou troll , je ne sais pas encore  Icon_minitimeMar 5 Fév - 12:49

Sentinels - Combat Spec
"hand of justice" -> next dipatch can be used on any target
also on combat tree - time_dilation (no description)
New proc - increases melee and ranged defenses by 1% per charge up to 3
charges, lasts 10 secs, procs from 0x400000045C65BD aka no idea

Guardians - Vigilance
engulfing force - dmg buff, about 10% more dmg done
force rush changed from 9 to 15 secs, but thy nerfed the +crit chance
from 60% to 25%, no longer affects dispatch, only blade storm
new ability: keening - next dispatch can be used on any target, 15secs duration (same as combat), it's a proc, dunno the trigger
overhead slash: 10% dmg buff
new ability: preparation says -0.5 / -1(depending on rank) on: saber
throw; gather str; force leap; dunno if that is a percentage or an
actual value, should be %
sundering throw buff changed to 15s from 45s
and whatever it changed by 4% now changes by 20% (probably armor debuff)
zen strike restores 3 focus (up from 2)

Commandos - Gunnery
new ability: advance the line (no idea what it does)
new ability: charge net - modifies some stat by 2%
new ability: decoy abosorbs next incoming direct force or tech attack (lasts 6 sec)
5% dmg nerf on demolition round
Damage on grav round - minimum damage reduced, maximum damage increased (more rng)
reserve round is gone
new one: overclock - Reduces casting time (i think) by 7.5/15% depending on rank
another defensive cd - reflexive shield - abosrobs dmg (6secs)
that's it for gunnery, some other abilities are tagged as changed but i
can't spot the cahnge (could be just animation or something like that)

Troopers (unclassified):
guard cannon - no additional info i can find (yet)
pulse engine- next pulse cannon channels and ticks twice as fast
shrap_stachel has no description but it puts a 50% slow on target
soldiers grit - alacrity increased buff
superior defense - modifies stat 48 (?) by 4% (whatever that stat is)

New sentinel ability: Double Saber Throw
New knight ability (dunno AC): saber reflect - reflects dmg received

Changes to Focus spec:
Force exhaustion changed from 5 to 3 seconds
ticks faster but only 4 ticks instead of 5
speed debuff was 60-50-40-30-20-10
now it's 50-30-10
force_guard and force-health new on smash tree
force guard is passive and absorbs damage
2 ranks - 3 and 6 %
force health also passive, restores action points and modifies some
stat, -2.5% on stat #103 (dunno what that is, maybe health regen),
resotres 1 action point on rank 1, 2 on rank 2
Also new on focus tree: heightned power
heightened power lasts 6 seconds and increases all dmg dealt (3% increase)
Also new on focus: incisor - 6secs 50% slow
inner focus - no more charges
aka zen doesnt give you sing stacks, only 4 action points (same with combat focus)
singularity charges decreased from 4 to 3
focus cost of sweep is reduced by 12% per rank, damage is increased 11.11111% per rank (weird value)
singularity stacks also grant you focus
meaning - dont smash generate focus; smash - not generating focus, seems to generate 1 focus per second
zealous leap change too
can't figure out what the change is though
there are a lot of changes to the entire tree tbh, but i cant understand what they all do

Bonus - map of new op, Scum and Villany
new group finder has quests for: operation | flashpoint | flashpoint_hardmode | flashpoint_hardmode_55

More stuff coming Soon™

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quelques fuites 1.7 ou troll , je ne sais pas encore
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